Monthly Calls
East Greenwich Township Fire & Rescue
5 West Cohawkin Road
Clarksboro NJ 08020

Station Phone #'s Mantua Avenue 856-423-0140 Cohawkin Road 856-423-6916

August Calls For Service

Here is a list of calls for August:

  • 08/02/14  1656hrs  CO Alarm  Quail Ridge Mickleton
  • 08/02/14  1853hrs  Fire Alarm  Concetta Drive Mount Royal
  • 08/03/14  2059hrs  Smoke Investigation  Weathervane Development Mount Royal
  • 08/04/14  1356hrs  Fire Alarm  County House Road  Clarksboro
  • 08/05/14  0737hrs  Fire Alarm  Hazel Court Mickleton
  • 08/12/14  1637hrs  Wires Down  Democrat Road  Mickleton
  • 08/13/14  1803hrs  Wires Arcing  Kings Hwy & Tomlin Station Road Mickleton
  • 08/13/14  1902hrs  Fire Alarm  Curtmantle Drive  Mickleton



Member Completed Emergency Medical Technician Training

Tuesday, August 5, 2014  Congratulation to Alvin Milsted! Alvin completed the summer Emergency Medical Technician Program at Camden County College.  Since the beginning of June he has been attending classes on Monday and Thursday during the day plus some weekend sessions. Alvin is currently on summer break from college. We congratulate Alvin on completing the program and wish you the best of luck on your state exam!



Members Complete Water Rescue Training

Monday, August 4, 2014 

Rescue Diver Training Completed

Firefighter Fred Persicano and Firefighter Mike Ciocco recently attended the practical evolutions of their Rescue Diver Training at Dutch Springs in Bethlehem PA. The class taught them self rescue, recognizing and managing stress in other divers, rescuing panicked and unresponsive people, and the use of emergency management and equipment.  After completing the classroom sessions they took their newly learned knowledge and practiced the skills in the field.

Mike currently is a certified lifeguard and is attending college locally. Fred is a hard hat diver working at industrial sites across the tri-state area. Good Job Fellas!



July's Calls For Service

Here is a listing of July's calls for service

  • 07/01/14  2141hrs  Wires Arcing  Whiskey Mill Road  Clarksboro
  • 07/03/14  1908hrs  Motor Vehicle Crash  Berkley & Cohawkin Road Clarksboro
  • 07/03/14  1932hrs  Wires Arcing  Berkley Avenue  Mount Royal 
  • 07/08/14  1252hrs  Motor Vehicle Crash  West Cohawkin & Friendship Roads
  • 07/09/14  0047hrs  Roadway Hazard-Tree Down  East Cohawkin Road
  • 07/11/14  1201hrs  Fumes Investigation  Harmony Road
  • 07/13/14  1300hrs  Smoke Investigation  Friendship Road
  • 07/14/14  2301hrs  Dwelling Fire  Hickory Lane Mullica Hill
  • 07/15/14  1801hrs  Wires Arcing  Union Road Mickleton
  • 07/18/14  1850hrs  Rubbish Fire  Old Oak Road  Mickleton
  • 07/24/14  0839hrs  Wires Arcing  Kings Highway & Botto Otto Drive Mickleton
  • 07/24/14  1524hrs  Fire Alarm  Sunset Drive Mount Royal
  • 07/25/14  1334hrs  Dwelling Fire  Valley Lane Mullica Hill
  • 07/28/14  0134hrs  Fire Alarm  Landing Road Clarksboro
  • 07/30/14  1912hrs  Fire Alarm  Derius Drive Mickleton
  • 07/31/14  1706hrs  Fire Alarm  Kings Highway Mount Royal 




Top Ten Safety Tips for Barbeque and Grilling

Friday, June 27, 2014 

Ten Steps to a Safer Cookout

Everything has risks. Knowing what those risks are and how to reduce them is the secret to success. When cooking outdoors, whether hot and fast grilling, or low and slow barbecue there are a few things you need to know to make sure nothing goes wrong and how to get the most out of your cooking.

Combining explosive fuels with food, hot metals, and large groups of people can cause be a recipe for disaster if you are not careful. Of course, there is more to outdoor cooking safety than just the fire.

1. Fire
 Regarding BBQ Inc.Fire is the most destructive force in the universe and you are inviting it into your backyard for a little cookout. First thing you need is a fire extinguisher. Next you need to know your fire and know how to control it. Every year grills and smokers cause thousands of fires, hundreds of injuries, dozens of deaths and millions of dollars in damage. You need to know how to cut fuel supplies, extinguish fires and call the fire department. Always have one person in charge of the fire at all times, a fire marshal if you will. You should also know something about treating burns.

2. Food Safety
Bacteria eats every kind of food you can think of, even brussel sprouts. It grows at any temperature above freezing and stays alive until that temperature hits around 165 degrees F. Every second you give it between these two temperatures it is multiplying and causing disease in your food. So, until it goes in to your mouth or on the grill, it needs to be kept cool. The second you are done serving it up, it goes back in the refrigerator. The basic rules are: Suspect Everything, Keep it Covered, Keep it Cool, Get it Hot!, and Use your Head. Remember you are more likely to get food poisoning than you are to get the flu.

3. Instructions
You'd be surprised by how many questions I get asked when the answer was in the manual. Please, read the manual . Follow all the safety restrictions to the letter. If you have a fire and you didn't follow the instructions it is your fault, no matter what. Grills, gas or charcoal, and smokers all have very specific ranges of operation. You need to know these before you light up. Don't assume that your new grill works just like the last one and that all the same rules apply. One hint: You can find the manuals to most grills and smokers on the manufacturers website.

4. Smoke
Smoke gets in your hair, clothes, eyes, and lungs. While a big part of the cookout experience is the smoke, you need to be careful with smoke. Smoke from your grill or smoker contains carbon monoxide, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH), and other dangerous substances. PAH are cancer causing substances that are formed when grease burns. As much as we all love the smell of the smoke from our outdoor cooking it is best to let it get away without breathing it in. So enjoy the smell from a distance and remember that the younger you are when you are exposed to this stuff the worse the outcome.

5. Charcoal Safety
Charcoal grills are the cause of far more fires that gas grill. The number one problem with charcoal grill is lighting the charcoal. Lighter fluid causes all kinds of problems and you should really find a better way to light your coals. What really burns the hair off your face is adding lighter fluid to hot coals. Lighter fluid turns to a heavy gas at a relatively low temperature. While liquid lighter fluid burns, evaporated (gaseous) lighter fluid explodes. Flow the instructions exactly and don't ever let lighting charcoal become a game.

6. Gas Safety
The number one cause of gas grill fires is an obstruction in the path of the fuel. This largely takes place, behind, underneath or inside your grill where you do not look. This means you need to regularly inspect your gas grill for problems. Bugs and other critters can climb into little places causing gas to flow where it shouldn't. At the first sign of problems turn off your control values, turn off the fuel tank, and disconnect everything. Gas grills produce a great deal of heat that can melt through hoses, knobs and other parts. Assume everything is third degree burn hot.

7. Grease
Bad enough that you are using flammable materials to do your cooking, but the food itself is creating more. Flare-ups are more than a nuisance, they are potentially lethal. Grease that collects in your grill builds up over time. It is easy to get several pounds of grease in the bottom of your grill after only a few cookouts. This is why you need to keep your grill clean. A clean grill is a safer grill whether it is gas or charcoal. Also, smokers are not exempt from this problem as I have seen many uncontrollable grease fires in smokers. So no matter what you use, get the grease out.

8. Location
Location is everything when it comes to placing your grill or smoker. Every year hundreds of people cause fires to their houses, garages and patios because they didn't put their grill or smoker in the correct location. Your manual (tip #3) will tell you the minimum distances around your unit that must be kept clear. I suggest that you take a good look at your equipment and imagine the worst fire you can. Make sure there isn't anything (buildings, trees, etc.) in that space. Also make sure that your grill isn't going to require people to walk too close to hot surfaces and that children won't be playing nearby.
9. Cancer
Cooking (by any method) of meats (particularly red meat and chicken) at very high temperatures until surface charring occurs can cause cancer causing substances (Hetero cyclic Amines (HCA)) to form. If you eat a lot of grilled meats you need to worry (though no one knows exactly how much). To minimize the risk you need to:

  • Use marinades (which can reduce the risk by as much as 98%)
  • Do not over cook foods
  • Keep grill temperatures relatively low (under 600 degrees cooking temperature)
    Use thinner or smaller cuts of meat (kabobs are great)
10. Alcohol
After reading the nine above you really shouldn't have to ask. Grilling and smoking require some clear thinking, especially when it's time to pull it all together. Please, keep a clear head and save that drink for after the fire is out and someone else is dealing with the dishes.



Lightning Strike in Harrison Township

Thursday, June 19, 2014  Early this morning District 19 was dispatched into Harrison Township to assist with a house fire.  A resident on Hickory Lane was reporting that his house had been struck by lightning and they could smell something burning.  Harrison Township Police arrived and reported smoke coming from the eves.  Harrison Township Ladder Co 2316 and Engine Co 2324 along with E.G.T.F.R. Rescue Squad 1918 were all operating on scene.  Rescue Squad 1918 stood by the hydrant while the remainder of the crew assisted the the operation.  The fire was quickly located and contained to the chimney using a 1 3/4 water line.  Lighting had hit the top of the chimney and the current traveled down the metal flashing until it ignited the wood framing constructing the chimney.  There was no fire extension into other areas of the house.  Crews were on scene until 0550hrs.  Photos can be seen on the link below.




Friday, June 13, 2014  The Members of East Greenwich Township Fire and Rescue would like to Congratulate Dan DiMarcello and Caitlyn Trimble on passing their State Emergency Medical Technician Exams. KUDOS ON A JOB WELL DONE!!!



June's Calls For Service

Here is a listing of assignments for the month of June:

  • 06/03/14  0613hrs  Commercial MVC with Fire  New Jersey Turnpike
  • 06/05/14  1626hrs  Rescue Assignment  Kings Highway  Mickleton
  • 06/11/14  0950hrs  Fire Alarm  Berkley Road Clarksboro
  • 06/12/14  2007hrs  Fire Alarm  Millwood Drive  Mickleton
  • 06/12/14  2344hrs  Motor Vehicle Crash  Cedar Road MIckleton
  • 06/13/14  1707hrs  Fire Alarm  Borrelli Blvd  Clarksboro
  • 06/13/14  1757hrs  Dwelling Fire Cedar Road Mantua Twp
  • 06/15/14  0822hrs  Fire Alarm  Kings Highway Clarksboro
  • 06/15/14  2206hrs  Fire Alarm  Sullivan Drive  Mickleton
  • 06/16/14  1128hrs  CO Alarm  Evergreen Court Mount Royal
  • 06/16/14  1446hrs  CO Alarm  Evergreen Court Mount Royal
  • 06/18/14  1547hrs  Fire Alarm  Kings Highway Mount Royal
  • 06/19/14  0438hrs  Dwelling Fire Hickory Lane  Mullica Hill
  • 06/21/14  0628hrs  Fumes  Thompson Ave Paulsboro
  • 06/22/14  1625hrs  Vehicle Fire  Interstate 295  Mickleton
  • 06/25/14  0223hrs  Fire Alarm  Brown Terrace  Clarksboro
  • 06/25/14  1019hrs  Fire Alarm  Acorn Drive  Mount Royal
  • 06/28/14  1225hrs  Fire Alarm  Kings Highway  Mickleton
  • 06/28/14  1337hrs  Commercial Vehicle Fire  Interstate 295SB
  • 06/29/14  1418hrs  Brush Fire  Mantua Road  Mount Royal



Car vs Tree on Kings Highway

Tuesday, May 27, 2014  Tuesday Afternoon @1500hrs East Greenwich Township Fire and Rescue along with Gloucester County BLS Unit 82-35 and Inspira Paramedic Unit LS-4 were dispatched to the 300 block of Kings Highway for a motor vehicle accident. Police arrived a...nd reported the driver was possibly trapped in the vehicle. Crews were able to quickly free the driver who was transported to Cooper Trauma for treatment. Fire units operating on scene included Rescue Squad 1918, Utility 1910 and Deputy Chief 1902. Crews were on scene for about 25 minutes. The accident is under investigation by the East Greenwich Police Department.



Apartment Building Fire in Paulsboro

Tuesday, May 20, 2014  Early this morning District 19 was dispatched into neighboring Paulsboro to assist with a apartment building fire in the Cedar Knoll Complex off of Berkley Road.  Gloucester County Communications Center was getting reports of smoke coming from the windows of an unit.  Rescue Squad 1918, Engine  Co 1911 and Utility 1910 responded in to assist.  Crews found a fire above a vestibule.  Crews opened up the walls and peeled back some of the siding to check for fire extension..  Also operating on scene were Engine Co's 1711 and 614.  The fire is under investigation by the Gloucester County Fire Marshal's Office.



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