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Sunday, October 5, 2014 

During National Fire Prevention Week, October 5 - 11, 2014 attention is focused on promoting fire safety and prevention; however we should practice fire safety all year long. Many potential fire hazards go undetected because people simply do not take steps to fireproof their home.

Many bedroom fires are caused by misuse or poor maintenance of electrical devices, careless use of candles, smoking in bed, and children playing with matches and lighters. Most potential hazards can be addressed with a little common sense. For example, be sure to keep flammable items like bedding, clothes and curtains at least three feet away from portable heaters or lit candles, and never smoke in bed. Also, items like appliances or electric blankets should not be operated if they have frayed power cords, and electrical outlets should never be overloaded.
Fire Safety Checklist:

  • Install and maintain a working smoke alarm outside of every sleep area and remember to change the battery at least once a year.
  • Designate two escape routes from each bedroom and practice them regularly.
  • Teach everyone the "Stop, Drop, and Roll" technique in case clothing catches on fire.
  • Avoid storing old mattresses in the home or garage.
  • Teach kids that matches, lighters and candles are tools, not toys. If you suspect that a child is playing with fire, check under beds and in closets for telltale signs like burned matches. Matches and lighters should be stored in a secure drawer or cabinet.



Section of World Trade Center Passes Through The County

Saturday, October 4, 2014 

Today the volunteers of East Greenwich Township stood by on the NJTP Overpasses to pay tribute to the last 9/11 WTC Steel Run. Units from NY were escorting 2 sections of the World Trade Center to the USMC Station in Quantico Virginia to become part of a memorial there. In the procession were more than 300 motorcycles as well as numerous other emergency vehicles. The procession passed through East Greenwich Township around 1130hrs. The members of East Greenwich Township Fire and Rescue would like to wish the motorcyclist who was involved in a crash on I-95 in New Castle Delaware a speedy recovery.

Thank You to Deb Milsted for taking some of the pictures.



A Message From the Deputy Mayor

Friday, September 19, 2014 

Dear Residents,


         We are only a couple days away from the much anticipated East Greenwich Day Parade. The final preparations are being completed by our Parade Committee, and Mother Nature seems to be sending us a gift with a forecast of sunny skies. I wanted to pass along some important information regarding the parade so you and your family can prepare for the big event.
           The parade route will start at the Shady Lane complex at 10:00 a.m., proceed up Shady Lane to Kings Highway, where it will turn south down Kings Highway towards the Samuel Mickle and Jeffery Clark School complex.
           All participants are being asked to arrive at the Shady Lane complex no later than 9:00 a.m. The parade consists of bands, horses, Scouts and Brownies, floats, decorated bikes, fire trucks and much, much more. It will take some patience, cooperation and time to line everyone up, so please be prompt.
           George Holcomb, of Holcomb Bus Company, has graciously donated free transportation, not only for the parade participants, but also for all Residents who park at the Thompson Family Park. The bus service will begin promptly at 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.. Buses will transport parade participants from the Park to the Shady Lane complex. Furthermore, buses will transport residents throughout the day to and from the Thompson Family Park and the Samuel Mickle School. We encourage Residents to utilize this service rather than trying to maneuver a vehicle down Kings Hwy. Bus Stops will be clearly marked.
           In addition, East Greenwich Parks and Recreation will be holding a "Decorated Bike Contest." The contest will be at the Evangelical United Methodist Church at 14 W. Cohawkin Rd., Clarksboro. Registration will begin between 9:15 and 9:30 a.m. Judging will begin promptly at 10:00 a.m. We will have prizes for multiple age groups ranging from under three (3) years old and up. The Judges will be looking for creative ideas, themes, and overall presentation. The participants will then be allowed to join the parade route and ride to the school for all to enjoy.
           Once the parade reaches its final destination, the Jeffery Clark and Samuel Mickle School complex, you will find craft vendors, organizational tents, bounce ride, food and much, much more. Moreover, we will have live entertainment on a stage that will feature performances from a string band, magician, ballet dancers and live singers to name a few. This community event will run from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m.
           This parade would not have been possible without the financial assistance from our Title Sponsor, Fulton Bank; Grand Sponsor, Toddlers N’ Tots; Patron Sponsors, Botto's Sausage, Paparone Homes, Affinity Furniture, NJ Got Talent, Riehl's Towing, Holcomb Bus, Runnemede Truck, Dr. Robert Provencher, Dormann's Heating and Cooling, NY Life, Cecil Creek Farms, Guardian Angels School, South Jersey Gas, and Trico Lift. We sincerely thank them for their contributions to our parade and community.
           I want to thank our volunteers for the Parade Committee. Chairmen of the Parade Committee Bob Tice, Marijo Montgomery, Kurt Sutton, Mike Skowronski, Laura DeCinque, Bonnie Archer, Steve Klinewski, Chief Nelson Weist and Chief Barry Jenkins were the foundation that brought a dream to reality. These folks have poured their hearts and souls into making this parade a success. I thank them for their devotion, time and passion in giving back to our community. I also thank the School Board of Education, President Bob Miller, Vice President Toni Grdinich and all the Board members, to include Dr. Lynch for forging a strong partnership with the Township Committee.
           Last, I take this opportunity to recognize our Mayor, Dale Archer. The parade was his vision to bring our community together. His passion, courage and integrity as Mayor of East Greenwich is a direct reflection of his commitment to our town. Speaking as a Resident, I am extremely proud that Dale Archer is our Mayor.
           In closing, to say I am excited about this event is an understatement. The origin of the idea was to design an event that would bring our community closer together; an event that would create lasting memories; an event that would bring smiles, joy and happiness; an event that would bring out the spirit of the community; an event that will not cost the taxpayer any money; and an event that will display our pride as East Greenwich Residents.
 I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday.
 Jim Philbin, Deputy Mayor



Hoagie Sale Rescheduled to Sept 27

Our monthly Hoagie Sale has been postponed for East Greenwich Day and rescheduled for Saturday September 27th







Sunday, August 31, 2014 

This morning at 1053hrs the Volunteers of East Greenwich Township Fire & Rescue and Harmony Fire Company (Harrison Twp.), Gloucester County EMS and Inspira Paramedics were dispatched to Kings Highway and Tomlin Station Roads for a motor vehicle crash with entrapment. Captain Haines from EGTFR was on scene confirming the entrapment. There were 3 cars involved in the incident, two of them had hit head on. 

Rescue Squad 1918 was given orders by Deputy 1902 to go into service using their hydraulic rescue spreaders and rams on arrival. Engine 1911 and Rescue 2318 arrived and sent their manpower forward to assist. Engine 1912 was assigned to set up the Landing Zone for the NJSP Helicopter “SouthStar” which was requested to fly the one patient to the Cooper Trauma Center. Crew removed the driver’s side door and vehicle roof to gain access to the patient. The dashboard and firewall were then pushed back into place using hydraulic rescue “rams” to free the trapped driver. The second patient was transported to Inspira Hospital with non-life threating injuries. East Greenwich Police Department was handling the crash investigation.

Later in the evening Rescue Squad 1918 responded into Harrison Township to assist with a working house fire off of Union Road. Engine 1911, Brush Unit 1915 and Utility 1910 remained in town responding to tree down and wires arcing calls. Crews handled 8 assignments over an hour and half period. The department also responded to Swedesboro for a dwelling fire during the second round of storms.



MVC with Entrapment and Building Fire Last Night in EG

Friday, August 29, 2014 

Last Night at 1801hrs the volunteers of East Greenwich Township Fire and Rescue were dispatched to Kings Highway and Tomlin Station Road for a Motor Vehicle Crash. East Greenwich Police Department arrived and confirmed entrapment bringing in a 2nd Rescue Company from Harmony Fire Company. Rescue Squad 1918, Engines 1911, 1912, Utility 19 along both Fire Chiefs responded. 

Crews arrived to find two people trapped in separate vehicles and went to work using hydraulic rescue tools. Woolwich Fire Department was requested to assist with the landing of JeffStat’s Helicopter which was eventually recalled. In addition to the fire units four Gloucester County EMS Units and two paramedic units from Inspira Hospital were on scene providing medical care. Fire Department operated on scene until 2116hrs.   Photo can be viewed on the News Link below.

The members of East Greenwich Township Fire and Rescue would like to express our deepest condolences to the Cavallaro Family in their time of mourning. 

At 0118hrs District 19 was dispatched to 210 Harmony Road, St Gobain, for a fire alarm. A water flow sensor had tripped sending the alarm. Just after dispatch the Gloucester County Emergency Response Center received a call from the business reporting a fire in the process area. The alarm response was then automatically upgraded to a building fire bringing in Ladder Companies from Gibbstown and Woolwich Fire Companies, an Engine Co. from Paulsboro Fire Company along with a BLS unit from Gloucester County EMS.

Rescue Squad 1918, Engines 1911, 1912, Utility 19 along both Fire Chiefs again all made the response. Interior crews found a smoke condition inside the building and a sprinkler head activation over the affected area. Crews checked for fire extension both inside the building and on the roof. After the fire was confirmed out, the sprinkler system was isolated and the smoke removal process was started. Crews operated on scene until 0259hrs. The Gloucester County Fire Marshal’s Office was on scene for the investigation.

We would like to thank all of the departments that provided mutual aid assistance to us yesterday.



Member Completed Emergency Medical Technician Training

Tuesday, August 5, 2014  Congratulation to Alvin Milsted! Alvin completed the summer Emergency Medical Technician Program at Camden County College.  Since the beginning of June he has been attending classes on Monday and Thursday during the day plus some weekend sessions. Alvin is currently on summer break from college. We congratulate Alvin on completing the program and wish you the best of luck on your state exam!



Members Complete Water Rescue Training

Monday, August 4, 2014 

Rescue Diver Training Completed

Firefighter Fred Persicano and Firefighter Mike Ciocco recently attended the practical evolutions of their Rescue Diver Training at Dutch Springs in Bethlehem PA. The class taught them self rescue, recognizing and managing stress in other divers, rescuing panicked and unresponsive people, and the use of emergency management and equipment.  After completing the classroom sessions they took their newly learned knowledge and practiced the skills in the field.

Mike currently is a certified lifeguard and is attending college locally. Fred is a hard hat diver working at industrial sites across the tri-state area. Good Job Fellas!



August Calls For Service

Here is a list of calls for August:

  • 08/02/14  1656hrs  CO Alarm  Quail Ridge Mickleton
  • 08/02/14  1853hrs  Fire Alarm  Concetta Drive Mount Royal
  • 08/03/14  2059hrs  Smoke Investigation  Weathervane Development Mount Royal
  • 08/04/14  1356hrs  Fire Alarm  County House Road  Clarksboro
  • 08/05/14  0737hrs  Fire Alarm  Hazel Court Mickleton
  • 08/12/14  1637hrs  Wires Down  Democrat Road  Mickleton
  • 08/13/14  1803hrs  Wires Arcing  Kings Hwy & Tomlin Station Road Mickleton
  • 08/13/14  1902hrs  Fire Alarm  Curtmantle Drive  Mickleton
  • 08/15/14  1059hrs  Fire Alarm  Harmony Road Mickleton
  • 08/16/14   2233hrs  Fumes  Colonial Drive Clarksboro
  • 08/18/14   0926hrs  CO Alarm  Curtmantle Road  Mickleton
  • 08/22/14  2059hrs  Vehicle Fire  Tomlin Station and Swedesboro Ave Mickleton
  • 08/23/14  1020hrs  Motor Vehicle Crash  West Tomlin Station Road  Mickleton
  • 08/23/14  2110hrs  Motor Vehicle Crash  Kings Hwy & Democrat Road  Mickleton
  • 08/24/14  2155hrs  Dwelling Fire  Fow Ave  Swedesboro
  • 08/26/14  0723hrs  CO Alarm  Chelsea Glenn Road  Clarksboro
  • 08/26/14  2058hrs  Commercial Vehicle Fire Berkley Road Clarksboro
  • 08/28/14  1801hrs  Motor Vehicle Crash  Kings Hwy & Tomlin Station  Mickleton (W/Pin)
  • 08/29/14  0120hrs  Building Fire  Harmony Road  Mickleton
  • 08/29/14  1630hrs  Fire Alarm  Kings Hwy  Clarksboro
  • 08/30/14  1549hrs  Dwelling Fire  Broad Street Swedesboro 
  • 08/31/14  1053hrs  Motor Vehicle Crash Kings Highway & Tomlin Station Mickleton (W/Pin)



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