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Car vs Tree on Kings Highway

Tuesday, May 27, 2014 



Apartment Building Fire in Paulsboro

Tuesday, May 20, 2014  Early this morning District 19 was dispatched into neighboring Paulsboro to assist with a apartment building fire in the Cedar Knoll Complex off of Berkley Road.  Gloucester County Communications Center was getting reports of smoke coming from the windows of an unit.  Rescue Squad 1918, Engine  Co 1911 and Utility 1910 responded in to assist.  Crews found a fire above a vestibule.  Crews opened up the walls and peeled back some of the siding to check for fire extension..  Also operating on scene were Engine Co's 1711 and 614.  The fire is under investigation by the Gloucester County Fire Marshal's Office.



Crash on West Cohawkin Road

Saturday, May 17, 2014 



Crash with Entrapment Kings and Tomlin

Friday, May 16, 2014 



Mutual Aid Extrication Training

Saturday, May 10, 2014  East Greenwich Township Fire & Rescue and Paulsboro Fire & Rescue took some time out of their Saturday to learn some new auto extrication skills as well as practice their existing skills. After a PowerPoint presentation by Instructor Eli Hall, crews went out for some field evolutions. Crews worked on vehicle stabilization, use of hydraulic, pneumatic and electric tools cutting and spreading tools as well as pneumatic lifting bags. Fire Department personnel drilled from 0830hrs until 1430hrs. Thanks to Eli Hall for teaching the training session and to Mario's Towing for donating the cars.



May's Calls For Service

Here is a list of May's Runs:

  • 05/01/14  1412hrs  Fire Alarm  West Wolfert Station Road  Mickleton
  • 05/02/14  0843hrs  Dwelling Fire  Beacon Ave Paulsboro  (Working Fire)
  • 05/03/14  1334hrs  Dewatering  Democrat Road  Mickleton
  • 05/03/14  2139hrs  Buidling Fire  West Broad Street Paulsboro
  • 05/07/14  1058hrs  Dewatering  Kings Highway  Clarksboro
  • 05/07/14  1425hrs  Dwelling Fire  Regal Court  Woolwich
  • 05/08/14  1819hrs  Fire Alarm  Alexis Court  Mickleton
  • 05/14/14  0839hrs  Fire Alarm  Berkley Road Clarksboro
  • 05/14/14  1523hrs  Motor Vehicle Crash  Kings Hwy & Cohawkin Road
  • 05/15/14  1125hrs  Fire Alarm  County House Road  Clarksboro
  • 05/15/14  1624hrs  Motor Vehicle Crash  I-295N @Exit 18
  • 05/16/14  1345hrs  Motor Vehicle Crash  Kings Hwy & Tomlin Station (Entrap)
  • 05/16/14  1540hrs  Wires Arcing  Kings Hwy & Somers Ave
  • 05/17/14  0021hrs  Natural Gas Leak  Harmony Road  Mickleton
  • 05/17/14  1356hrs  Motor Vehicle Crash  West Cohawkin Road  Clarksboro
  • 05/18/14  0749hrs  Dwelling Fire Beacon Avenue  Paulsboro
  • 05/20/14  0036hrs  Building Fire  Berkley Road  Paulsboro
  • 05/21/14  2051hrs  Fire Alarm  West Cohawkin Road  Clarksboro
  • 05/25/14  2115hrs  Dwelling Fire  West Broad Street Paulsboro
  • 05/25/14  2158hrs  Fire Alarm  Friendship Road  Mickleton
  • 05/27/14  1452hrs  Motor Vehicle Crash  Kings Highway  Mickleton
  • 05/28/14  1056hrs  Wires Arcing  Harmony Road  Mickleton
  • 05/28/14  1950hrs  Dwelling Fire  Applewood Court  Mullica Hill
  • 05/29/14  1845hrs  Fire Alarm  Kings Highway Mickleton



Mantua Ave Dwelling Fire

Monday, April 7, 2014 



Information Regarding Well #3's Status

Wednesday, April 2, 2014  A Note from the Deputy Mayor regarding the Well #3 Situation.

Dear Residents,

As the Director of Water and Sewer for East Greenwich Township, I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with some information regarding well # 3, which is located in the Mt. Royal section of our Township. As part of our routine testing for potential contaminates, well #3 was tested in December of 2013. As a result of that testing, we were advised that Perfluorinated Acid (PFNA) was detected at a level of 22 parts per trillion. According to the NJDEP, this compound is not currently regulated and there are also no regulations or guidelines for PFNA's at either the State or Federal level. The NJDEP has explained that well # 3 was approved to still operate and be utilized. However, well #3 was already off line at the time of the testing due to lack of demand for water use in our Township. As you all may recall we had an extremely wet year, negating the need to run that particular well. Out of an abundance of caution, the Public Works Manager and Township Officials have voluntarily elected to keep the well offline until the NJDEP creates guidelines and parameters to ensure our drinking water is safe for consumption.

We are actively working directly with the highest levels of the NJDEP and Solvay Inc. to remedy the situation. Moreover, we are working directly with our neighboring towns of Paulsboro, Greenwich, West Deptford and Woodbury as they also conduct their due diligence to develop a solution to this matter.

We are comforted that our Environmental Commission, specifically Kathi Stetser, who is an expert on environmental laws and regulations, has been heavily involved in our decision-making along with the gathering of information. Township Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank Kathi and the entire Environmental Commission for their hard work, dedication and commitment to our Township's health and well-being.

Again, I want to emphasize that well #3 will not run until guidelines are provided by the NJDEP. We will continue our pursuit of gathering information and informing the public. We will not make any decisions without first ensuring the safety of our residents.

If you have any additional concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly at


Jim Philbin
Deputy Mayor



April Calls For Service

Here are the calls for April

  • 04/01/14  1551hrs  Building Fire  Kings Highway  Mount Royal
  • 04/05/14  0241hrs  Dwelling Fire Park Avenue Swedesboro
  • 04/05/14  1530hrs  MVC  West Cohawkin Road Clarksboro
  • 04/06/14  1929hrs  Fire Alarm  West Tomlin Station Road Mickleton
  • 04/07/14  0655hrs  Dwelling Fire  Breakneck Road  Mantua
  • 04/07/14  1417hrs  Dwelling Fire  Mantua Road Mount Royal
  • 04/08/14  2121hrs  Wires Arcing  Quaker Road  Mickleton
  • 04/09/14  0623hrs  CO Alarm  Oak Ridge Drive  Mount Royal
  • 04/09/14  0800hrs  Dwelling Fire  Brown Lane Gibbstown
  • 04/10/14  1751hrs  Fire Alarm  Alexis Court Mickleton
  • 04/10/14  1808hrs  MVC  Berkely Road & Cohawkin Road Clarksboro
  • 04/11/14  0837hrs  Natural Gas Leak  Deer Horn Drive  Mount Royal
  • 04/12/14  2107hrs  Fire Alarm  Weathervane Drive Mount Royal
  • 04/14/14  0920hrs  Brush Fire Cherry Lane Mickleton
  • 04/14/14  1343hrs  Brush Fire  Interstate 295 Exit 18  Clarksboro
  • 04/14/14  1406hrs  Assist PD  Harmony Road  Mickleton
  • 04/14/14  1504hrs  Brush Fire  Paulsboro Road Swedesboro 
  • 04/14/14  1629hrs  CO Alarm  Billows Drive  Mount Royal
  • 04/15/14  1028hrs  Fire Alarm  West Tomlin Station Road MIckleton
  • 04/15/14  1211hrs  Fire Alarm  Concetta Drive  Mount Royal
  • 04/15/14  1246hrs  Fire Alarm  Concetta Drive  Mount Royal
  • 04/20/14  1055hrs  Dwelling Fire  W Adams Street Paulsboro
  • 04/22/14  0052hrs  Dwelling Fire  Swedesboro Road Mullica Hill (Working Fire)
  • 04/22/14  1813hrs  Fire Alarm  Rattling Run Road  Mickleton
  • 04/23/14  0953hrs  Fire Alarm  Linden Street Mickleton
  • 04/23/14  2243hrs  CO Alarm  Oak Ridge Drive Mount Royal
  • 04/25/14  1453hrs  Motor Vehicle Crash  Interstate 295 Exit 18
  • 04/27/14  1738hrs  Dwelling Fire  Elizabeth Ave Paulsboro
  • 04/28/14  0830hrs  Fire Alarm  Berkley Road  Clarksboro
  • 04/30/14  2200hrs  DeWatering  Kings Highway  Clarksboro
  • 04/30/14  2232hrs  Tree Down  North Wolfert Station Road  Mickleton



Palm Sunday Pancake Breakfast

The Annual Pancake & Sausage Breakfast will be held on Palm Sunday, April 13th at the East Greenwich Township Fire & Rescue's Cohawkin Road Station located at 5 West Cohawkin Road in Clarksboro. Breakfast is served from 8 am until 1 pm.  Tickets are available at the door. $7 for adults, $6 for Seniors and $5 for children.  Benefits East Greenwich Township Fire & Rescue




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